The trend is here to stay: It is very common today, and in most schools mandatory to have a smart device or laptop in class as a student. The reason is simple; it enhances the education and improves learning with many great learning tools available for download. It is equally as common today to have lessons presented with Power Point on a big screen. Surprisingly it isn’t until recently that we have connected the dots between the big screen and the smart devices in the room.

For the student to really get the most out of a presentation during class, it is important that as little as possible, or no information, gets lost and that the information stays with the student.

A platform that unites a Power Point Presentation with the classroom’s smart devices and lap tops is the answer to power a superior educational session.

It eliminates a lot of stress and pressure from the student to keep up and allows for better focus on the teacher during class with a Power Point, rather than desperately trying to note and remember all the material in a live situation. Unanswered questions that stands in the way for further improvement for the student is not a problem anymore as all questions will come across and also answered; even the questions that felt to embarrassing, or uncomfortable to ask in the classroom can be posted anonymously.

A software that simply better a situation and contributes to learning, and doing so with great simplicity for the user isn’t something that we should take for granted. It’s quite an achievement and part of the growing trend; it’s here to stay.



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